Thursday, May 26, 2011


People dont know what is love really are. I dont know what is love all about. Did you love me? Did i love you? I love you. Is that what we really want? If you love me then why say good bye? love is something even our mom and dad dont know what the true meaning of it. We just love to be love and love the love from the love. Peace. :) i love you actually. i love you. i love you and i love you. Every step i take i love you. Yes dear. I love you. So much. hmm.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


stupidity and boredom (:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hey there! its been too long that i havent updated my blog. well i've been kind of busy. i've started my semesters break and it will only last for a month. time goes by so quickly, no one is ever satisfied with their semester break. newbies in life is that my friends and i have moved in to our rented house nearby campus. its very cozy and just nice. it has one master bedroom, 2 rooms and 2 toilets. i'll update photos when we're officially in it. oh and its been a sushi marathon for mum and i for two days as we've been out on a hunt searching for dad's birthday gifts. and i got myself a gift too, hihi.

yeah, jelly belly :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

after a decade of silence

hello there again. yes, i have been quiet for quite some time. i've been too busy with my assignments and latest event lately and never had the chance to update my stinky blog. for a change, i'm not going to babble too much because some people are too tired of reading my none sense bunch of words. therefore, im going to post pictures of my latest outings with my buddy's emy, sarah, fatin, nia and farah (:

(click to enlarge pictures) 


 Helga nia

Sarah Bieber

Emy's friend. she's darn cute and she's 20!


when the sun strikes us, we strike a pose. haha

she's been under the sun for too long. hehe

dinner at sushi king

Fatin and farah. <3

 Onion haa sayuurr

the food came slow so we entertained ourselves.

wasabi wall



  in the end, everyone lives happily ever after.

Monday, March 21, 2011

in all of the sweets in the world, there's only one that i crave the most;


as soon as i get home this week, i'll promise to myself that i'll hunt you down Jelly Belly!

oh and mum, if i get this big bottle of jelly belly, i'd promise to be a good girl (:

Friday, March 11, 2011

hey junior, are you really 'super'?

dear readers, may i pronounce you about my two wacky friends named Nia and Emy. well you've probably heard about Emy already, but not Nia. well Nia is a big phat fan of k-pop. no no, not kelantan pop or kantonis or kartini pop, its korean pop. and and she's totally addicted to Super Junior. so recently we went out to Melaka 's town and had lunch at a restaurant called Seoul Garden (but there was no garden in sight). well while we were busy munching on our food, the restaurant played a whole bunch of SuJu songs and of course, Nia was excited! she danced while eating but still stayed in her seat. so as we looked around there was no customers, we made a mini video. emy recorded it while i was trying my best to follow Nia. Enjoy! 

and yeah, thats it (:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

sushi anyone?   



yesterday was such a hectic day. in the evening while i was doing nothing, fatin called me and said that we have to do our interview for our broadcasting assignment this afternoon. i didn't mind at all because i wasn't doing anything, just making up plans to study for my mid terms next week. so we called our group mates which were sarah and kerul but both of them had other plans which left just the two of us. it wouldn't be fair to leave them behind but this was the only chance we had to do the interview and watch the setting up of the props and all for their shoot.

by 5.30pm we started our journey. fatin brought along 3 of her friends to fill up the car. (more people, the merrier, and cheaper the cost of the rental car) haha. fatin took the village roads with the help of her walking GPS dad, (thats what she calls him). it took us about an hour and a half to reach there. the location was at Morib Beach, Klang. yes, we drove from Melaka to Klang.

at the location, they were very nice to feed us but too bad i couldnt bite so i ate however i could and whatever i could. later, we started our interview. we interviewed the art director of Metrowealth productions, Ollyn. he has worked with Metrowealth for more than 10 years and has conducted many movies such as Ngangkung, Jangan Pandang Belakang, Adnan Sempit and many more. on our interview, we had the time to see his last shot for their new movie 'Bini ku Gangster' which will be premiered at the end of this year. we even had the chance to meet the hero of the movie, Shaheizy Sam. i may not be a fan of malay movies but this one seems quite interesting to me.

yada yada yada, bla bla bla... its 11.30pm and we had to go back because we were supposed to send back the rental car by 11pm. aunty Sabby (not her complete name) doesnt like students to use her cars to go overnight and all. we thought of just going back home since our houses were around the shah alam area but what to do. so we headed back to melaka. on the way, we stopped by at the Seremban rest area to buy some snacks as the others were starving but i didnt buy anything for myself. i took over the wheel to let fatin eat. driving the car was such pleasure! we rode a Viva and it was so smooth on the road. even when i hit 150, it felt smooth especially when there were less cars on the road. we reached melaka in 50 minutes only! arent we amazing? haha. thats all i guess. any pictures will be updated soon. 

note to myself and fatin:
remember to bring a camera when you go to an interview -_-"

when boredom strikes, again. ; again

this semester has been moving a bit slow for me. lots of assignments to do, limited time to use, but all of if is wasted on none sense. there has been ups and downs, break ups and make ups, happy and sad moments, moments to forget and moments to cherish through my life. im a bit out of control of myself these days. i cant sleep at the right time, wont wake at the right time too. eat too little but not loosing weight neither a little. sometimes i laugh too much, people say im crazy. but when i stay still, im called crazy too. weird? i guess the personality button in me is jammed because of the over flowing fat rusting up the sides so im a bit unpredictable in sometimes. to those that i have hurt, im truly sorry (excluding those which were hurt on purpose). to those i love, i love you. haha. well all of this is total none sense. this is when boredom strikes, again.

Friday, March 4, 2011

when boredom strikes, again

we sleep until we're tired of sleeping.